Process Review and Improvement

Effective processes are the key to business efficiency and profitability.  Yet, so often, a business' processes have grown in departmental or project isolation to meet each new incremental requirement.  This evolutionary growth often leads to duplication of activities and admin, sometimes to the neglect of vital aspects, so that the delivery of a product or service becomes less reliable or efficient.

Our Services

Irrespective of your drivers and requirements, we can provide a range of common-sense tools and techniques to help your business, its projects and staff to measure, review and improve their processes and ensure that stakeholders' requirements are met more consistently and efficiently. 


Where significant organisation or process change is likely, please see our Organisation and Process Design and Reengineering service.

Our Staff

Our staff have been at the heart of a myriad of improvement initiatives over the last decade, ranging from Egan and Gershon to the new Localism - deploying Kaizen, Lean and Reengineering methodologies, flexibly, where appropriate.