Selected Project Experience

Site, Company and Supplier Improvement Services

Client:  Construction industry not-for-
           profit improvement

Scope:  Monitoring and mentoring of construction sites, companies and suppliers - supporting best practices, beyond statutory requirements. 

I wish to pass on my personal thanks for all you have done for the scheme. I know I speak on behalf of everyone at the scheme when I say that it has been a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate the commitment you have shown towards the scheme and its aim of raising standards across the industry.”

Business System Facilitation Services

Client:  Property Development
           Division of a Major UK
           Development, Construction
           and Property Services Co

Scope:  Facilitation of the review, (re-)development and implementation of governance and operational processes. 

“You will be pleased to know we are Gateway-ing our way to success here at … and its being implemented in all sorts of manners.  Still a WIP as to finessing but its operationally helping.”

Business System Facilitation Services

Client:  Group of Energy Sector   

            Supply-Chain Businesses

Scope:  Facilitation of the project management, procurement, customisation, implementation, commissioning and testing of ERP systems.

ISO 44001 CBR Management System Services

Client:  Professional Services Business

Scope:  Provision of a review and report, to support the business in integrating and enhancing its current collaborative business relationship management system, and to prepare for assessment, to ISO 44001, by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body.

Facilitation Services - Partnership Lessons Learned Workshop

Client:  Housing Developer and
            Building Contractor

Scope:  Facilitation of a lessons learned workshop, for a strategic partnership, following the conclusion of a successful but challenging project. Services included development of client and contractor satisfaction and trust surveys - in order to provide a catalyst for discussions, and a summary report and action plan.

Business Management System Review Services

Client:  Housing Contractor

Scope:  Review of the organisation and management systems structures, capture of feedback from the exec team and operations staff, and development of a strategy for the improvement and resourcing of the integrated business management system.

“Many thanks … very pleased with the outputs … Keep in touch."

Professional Development Seminars

Client: Professional Institute

Scope: Introduction to collaboration, for the staff and executives of a chartered professional institutute.

"… thank you very much for taking the time to come and speak … It was good to hear about the essential components of collaboration from someone who clearly has a lot of useful knowledge ... someone we can all learn from! 


Client: Professional Organisation

Scope: Introduction to collaboration and BS 11000, for a multi-discipline group of construction professionals.

"ex intro from someone who has got the t shirt"

"practitioner's view of BS11000"

"very well delivered and comprehensively put across"

"cut through the big contractor hype ... got to the difficult issues"

"excellent, good to hear from someone who is right in the middle of it"

BS 11000 CBR Management System Certification Services

Client:  Infrastructure Contractor           - Tier 1, Public Listed

Scope:  Facilitation of a strategic systems review and the provision of planning, review and guidance services, as a ‘critical friend’, to support the contractor preparing for assessment to BS 11000 by an ICW Accredited Certification Body.

Business Development Services

Client: Housing Contractor

Scope: Business Development Services, including tender development for an SME housing contractor.

"I was told yesterday that we had won the Responsive Maintenance Building Contract with … which is good news. We were not lowest on price but we came through on the Quality submission. Having won two for … and one for … I am well pleased. You did a great job."

Process Management Services

Client:  Operational Services Provider

Scope: Process management services, for a major property services project in the north of England, being undertaken by a contractor-led JV.

"A really big thank you for everything you've done during this stage, you brought a calming influence with a real drive to the management process ..."

Procurement Support Services

Client:  FM Services Provider

Scope:  Development of the perform-ance measurement, improvement and benchmarking, audit and compliance, and collaboration (to BS 11000) strategies for a major public-sector facilities management project, involving over 500 buildings in the south-east of England.

"Thank you for your always marvellous support."

Management System Review and Audit Services

Client: Housing Contractor

Scope: Review of the management system and implementation of a programme of audits and improvement actions for a leading contractor, developer and investor that holds certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

"The service provided was delivered on time and in an extremely professional manner.  We appreciated the availability of Mr Greenwood with often limited notice."

Performance Measurement and Reporting Services

Client:  R&M Contractor

Scope:  Development of a performance measurement and reporting framework to enable a repairs and maintenance contractor to better measure and report on their performance, against industry benchmarks, as a basis for ambitious growth.

"10/10  Very reasonable costs!"

Strategy Development

Client:  Constructing Excellence

Scope:  Facilitation of the development of a strategy to reenter the housing sector, including:

  • Design and facilitation of a strategy workshop
  • Development of a strategy report for the Board of Management.

"Thanks to Paul at @GreenwoodCLtd for facilitating so expertly."

Management System Certification Audit Support

Client:  Housing Contractor

Scope:  Support to the contractor's management team to prepare for and manage a third-party audit by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body.