Major Projects

Development of a major project and its relationships, whether it is procured traditionally or collaboratively, often requires a greater depth of knowledge and skills than many organisations have available, particularly during procurement and pre-construction stages.  Yet, it is during these stages that clients, consultants and constructors have the greatest influence - at lowest cost - over project outcomes. 

Our Services

We offer a full menu of specialised services to help you procure or bid for, establish, manage or improve your project. These services may be packaged to suit your needs, in the form of an individual service contract, a longer-term call-off contract, or perhaps a part-time interim management arrangement.

Our Staff

Our staff have been involved in complex time-critical major projects, in the UK, the Middle-East and the Far-East, usually during critical pre-qual, tender, planning and pre-construction stages. Typical services have included: PQQ compilation, tender development, project management strategy development, project organisation development, project planning (particularly Q/H&S/E/CSR aspects), risk management, development of key project management, design, procurement and construction processes, change control, and compliance auditing.