Management Systems

An appropriate management system is fundamental to achievement of business and project objectives.  A good system integrates strategy and operations processes to ensure that objectives are met effectively and efficiently.  Independent certification to an international standard, such as ISO 9001, proves that the system meets client and regulatory requirements.

Our Services

We offer a full menu of services to help you establish, administer and improve your business or project management system, and to obtain appropriate certification for it.  We recognise that, for some organisations, certification is a pre-requisite to trade.  However, our services are based upon the premise that the value of a quality-focussed organisation far outweighs the benefit or cost of certification.

Our Staff

Our staff have led the establishment, management and improvement of many quality, environmental and health & safety management systems for construction, housing and project-orientated service businesses, since 1990.  In many cases, these businesses also obtained certification to ISO 9/14/18001 management systems standards.